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Prue By Ronit Furst Collection

Artist and eyewear designer Ronit Furst, is delighted to announce the launch of their new collection, Prue by Ronit Furst. The exclusive collaboration with entrepreneur, restaurateur and cook Prue Leith, builds on the essence and individuality of Ronit Furst’s hand painted collection.

As a long-term wearer of Ronit Furst’s hand painted eyewear collection, Prue’s unique style, flair and love of colour created the perfect synergy with the designs. Having worn Ronit Furst for 12 years, the collaboration between designer and entrepreneur evolved through Prue’s love of Ronit’s designs. Together the women have developed an extensive range of over 72 eyewear pieces designed by Ronit for likeminded women who want to infuse their everyday style with the quality and vibrancy the brand are known for.

Prue Leith comments “What inspired me to work with the brilliant Ronit Furst was winning the spectacle Wearer of the Year, with the result that many people, both women and men, complimented me on my glasses and their bold colours, the reaction was really astonishing”.

Ehud Bibring, Ronit Furst Eyewear CEO comments: "for several years we have been playing with the idea to produce a non-hand-painted collection that will take our design spirit and offer it to a larger audience, experimenting with several concepts and many production technics to do so but none of them clicked. As we discussed the concepts of a new eyewear line with Prue, we felt that all the dots connected, her vision of an elaborate, high quality collection that is also unique and innovative enough to be a personality highlight for the wearer was exactly what we were aiming for. We accepted the challenge and I am very glad we did, seeing the first collection I believe we have succeeded to bring both our visions together."

Known for her vibrant style, the collection Prue by Ronit Furst embodies designer eyewear with playful colour-pop accents. Over 72 different eyewear pieces in bold and colourful tones such as blue, red, green and purple are colour-blocked alongside unique patterns including tortoise shell and multi-coloured frames for men and women.

The collection will be available in independent opticians across the UK and Ireland from the end of May 2019. For more information visit www.ronitfurst.com

Prue Leith

I really believe that beautifully colourful glasses are a morale booster. I feel distinctly more confident wearing mine. I have built up quite a collection of Ronit Furst over the years so the collaboration happened very naturally.
I have, I confess, a good few pairs and I pick one each morning like choosing a necklace or shoes.

Prue Leith

About Ronit Furst

Art is in Ronit Furst genes. From an artistic family, Ronit has been passionate about designing things since before she can remember and has designed items from pottery, where she and Ehud built a successful business, through to jewelry, leather hand bags, furniture to ceramics, all with the flair and unique colours that make Ronit Furst eyewear an international success.

Ronit Furst started her own hand painted eyewear collection in early 2001. As an avid eyewear collector and a prescription eyewear user since childhood, Ronit was constantly looking for her next frame, but it was the turn of a century and she felt she needed something really special. Failing to find a frame that would satisfy her mood for renewal, she decided to paint on one of her existing frames. The result was exactly what she had been looking for, a colorful, lively and original piece of eyewear.

The feedback from friends, relatives and more unexpectedly complete strangers was overwhelming. Ronit’s husband, Ehud Bibring, immediately recognised the business potential and after a thorough study on manufacturing of plastic eyewear frames, in January 2002 established the company Art Optic Ltd – the proud manufacturer of Ronit Furst hand-painted eyewear.

Ten years later in 2012 they were joined by their eldest son Tom, which now manages the main factory in the North of Israel and more recently, by their son Yoel who looks after sales in their home market, Israel.

In the UK, they are distributed by MAC & PURE eyewear, a sales company with over 20 years’ experience in sales to independent opticians. MAC & PURE has formed a close bond with Ronit Furst and Ehud and is very proud to be a partner in the new collaboration. The MAC & PURE eyewear company specialises in eyewear that has the WOW factor, which Ronit Furst and now Prue by Ronit Furst has in abundance.

Prue Leith
My Eyewear Collection

I Really believe that beautifully colourful glasses are a morale booster, so, the collaboration with Ronit Furst happend very naturally.

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Prue Leith